Subject matters. Iconography is important to me. As I believe drawing is visual language, I discuss what I see. Once said, I concentrate on the extraction: to simplify the description, to edit out to essentials. For me, technique is not an end. It matters that the technique serves the subject. When it suits, materials are used in combination, mixed media.

I do work in series, invariably reworking the subject in several concurrent versions, and often later, in reflective versions. I am aiming for perfect balance, so that just one more bit of line or color is too much and one bit less too scant. I explore the liminal where balance is all - the balancing of opposites is painting.

The distinction between drawing and painting, if there is one, is blurred in my work. Line and color are means of description, description of the subject, iconography. I seek that iconography that defines the subject, reflecting it from the inside out, specific yet general, real yet imagined, suggesting. Well-worn images reviewed, renewed, re-emerging into light, are lightsome.

I am not aiming to jar or stun, but to intrigue over time. Then, the reality of the painted image is the reality. The exquisite illusion that is painting, is truth.

Susan Ecker Painters Statement Image